class six english assignment 2023 – Question Solution

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class six English exam question


class six annual assessment 2023

Complete the following sentences.

1. Kabir needs to buy some new writing and other office materials  for school, including pencils, notebooks, and paper.

2. Mina’s car was not moving at the traffic light.

class six English assignment 2023

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class six English exam question 2023

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  • Write a letter to the person you decided above describing what you like and don’t like about the picture.

Answer: Below is a letter to a previous decision maker describing what he liked and disliked about the images:

3/A, Tikatuli, Dhaka
November 18, 2023

Dear Nazim,
You wanted to experience our new assessment system.

As you know yesterday was the second day of our English assessment. On that day, first our Lord Zakir showed us an image and a picture. From parables I prefer to distinguish our Lord’s strategy, the beginning and end of the parable, and the manner of illustration. But I don’t like the absence of photographs and illustrated specimens. Similarly, I like the village setting, the image of a simple woman, clay pots and mud houses. But I don’t like the roof of the house, the damp or wet walls of the house and the dirty environment of the house. What about your experience? Write me about your experience.

No more today.

always yours



Monir, Dhaka



Nazim, 3/A, Tikatuli, Dhaka