RU Mark Distribution 2023 – (A Unit, B Unit, C Unit)

RU Mark Distribution 2023 for all admission unit is available on our website. Students can check the Admission Mark Distribution for Rajshahi University here. There is 3 Unit for Admission test Unit A, Unit B, Unit C & All Unit Mark Distribution students can find on this article.

RU Mark Distribution 2023 has been finally published on there official website. To get RU Mark Distribution 2023 visit result

ru A unit mark distribution 2023

Generally students of all departments can participate in Rajshahi University’s A unit admission test. So there are benefits for students of all departments. So those of you who want to participate in the RU A Unit Admission Test can check the RU A Unit Admission Test Distribution from our website. He can take your preparation accordingly and you can know all the information you do not know from here. I hope you can know all the information about Rajshahi University A unit admission test.

You can easily prepare for this unit by knowing the university unit A unit admission test topics. And for your convenience, we are providing the information of A Unit of Rajshahi University Admission below. It will help you a lot.

  • Bengali 35
  • English 35
  • General Knowledge 30

Bengali 35, English 35, General Knowledge 30 total 100 marks exam will be held. Only candidates with maximum marks will be given opportunity for the next examination.

ru B unit mark distribution 2023

For Rajshahi University B unit distribution you have to download the admission form for B unit admission. B unit admission program is held for business candidates only. Can also apply for other category exams. That’s why everything is described.

Previous year exam papers of B unit of different universities of Bangladesh have been analyzed. In the previous academic year 2022-2023, Dhaka Rajshahi University B unit admission test question paper will be prepared (as in previous year). Study according to this will complete your preparation. Then you will benefit for the next exam. Because if you are already doing these with preparation, then going to the examination center will definitely remove your fear. That’s why you must follow the previous year questions. Then you can easily pass your desired person.

1. For Commerce Group

  • Bangla 10
  • English 25
  • Business Organization and Management 25
  • Accounting 25
  • East 15

2. For Non-Commerce Group

  • Bengali 20
  • English 30
  • General Knowledge 25
  • East 25

3. For Commerce Group-Bangla 10, English 25, Business Organization and Management 25, Accounts 25, East 15 Total 100 Marks will be the test out of which candidates obtained in America will be decided for further instruction. And for non-commerce group, 20 in Bengali, 30 in English, 25 in General Knowledge, 25 in East. Total 100 marks.

ru C unit mark distribution 2023

Only science department students can participate in the C unit admission test of Rajshahi University. Basically, the students who have passed the HSC examination from science department can download the admission form of C Unit of Rajshahi University. So if you have passed SSC and HSC from science department then you can take exam as C unit candidate.

Rajshahi University C Unit Admission Test. According to the distribution of marks, the question papers of C unit of Rajshahi University 2022-2023 academic year will be prepared. So you will read previous year C unit question papers. Then you will understand the examination of that unit and you will be able to participate in the C unit examination very easily. Because the questions will be mainly for C unit exam. So you have to see the C unit question papers of all universities. Then you can know according to all the marks.

  • Physics -Compulsory 30
  • Chemistry -Compulsory 30
  • General Math -Compulsory 20
  • Biology (Optional) 20
  • Higher Math -Optional 20

Physics – Compulsory 30, Chemistry – Compulsory 30, General Mathematics – Compulsory 20, Biology (Optional) 20, Higher Mathematics – Optional 20 Total 100 marks examination will be held out of which the candidates with highest marks will be selected for the next examination.

Rajshahi University Mark Distribution 2023

Dear Candidates, before participating in any university entrance exam, it is important to know the previous year’s question solutions and value distribution of the particular unit of that university. Because the admission test for A unit of a university is usually conducted every year according to the same distribution. That is why every student needs to see the question papers of that particular unit of the previous year. Then all the candidates will get an idea of what the questions might be and how the unit tests might be. Then going to the examination center will remove the fear from the mind of all the candidates. And the test will be easier. So all the candidates are requested to check the previous year questions. Then inshallah you will not have any problem during the exam.

Rajshahi University Mark Distribution

Before participating in the entrance exam of any university, you need to know about the previous year’s question solutions and value distribution of the particular unit of that university. Above your question will come a general idea. Then the questions will become easy for you without any problem later. That’s why you must see the previous year’s quizzes.